Functional Academics In Special Education

EDLAB Admin · August 3, 2023

Short description:

Functional academics refers to the practical application of academic skills in real-life contexts. It focuses on teaching individuals the necessary knowledge and abilities to function effectively in their daily lives. This approach emphasizes the acquisition of skills such as reading, writing, basic math, and problem-solving, with an emphasis on their practical utility rather than abstract concepts. Functional academics are particularly important for individuals with intellectual disabilities or those who may face challenges in traditional academic settings. By teaching them skills that directly relate to their daily lives, functional academics enable individuals to become more independent, enhance their communication and problem-solving abilities, and improve their overall quality of life. This course will enable special education teachers to empower individuals to navigate the world with confidence and self-sufficiency, fostering greater inclusion and participation in society.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of what functional academics entails, including its goals, principles, models, and applications in real-life contexts.
  •  Explain the significance of functional academics in promoting independent living skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall quality of life for individuals with diverse learning needs.
  •  Design instructional activities and materials that connect English and Math concepts to real-life situations, promoting practical application and relevance.

 About Instructor

With her profound interest in facilitating children, teenagers, and adults in finding clarity, Farah Nasir pursued her MPhil degree in Educational Psychology. She has since been playing her part to create awareness of the importance of psychological therapies in different domains. Farah Nasir is currently associated with two Pakistani universities, Institute of Business Management also known as “CBM” and Bahria University. She was associated with Karachi Vocational Training Centre for the Intellectually Disabled for 3 years. Farah also worked as a Trainer in the institute to assist Intellectually Disabled individuals by providing them with job-related training and making their life meaningful for potential independent living.

She completed an Art as Therapy program conducted under the Child and Adolescent Development Program in collaboration with the University of Leicester, UK. Farah is working actively with people of different ages and providing her services at different platforms. With her experience in both the corporate and educational sectors, she has given workshops at different organizations and institutes such as First Women Bank Limited, Let’s Educate, Bahria University, Pakistan Institute of Management, and Memon Industrial and Technical Institute – MITI. She currently presented as a Community Teacher Spotlight Presenter for Academy of Therapy Wisdom Community Teacher Spotlight program, USA. She is a scholarship holder and an enthusiast for creating the importance of art in therapy especially for children.

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