Teaching Science- Blending Fun With Learning

EDLAB Admin · September 1, 2021

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Teaching Science has  always been an interesting thing but learning Science becomes quite a difficult task for some students. The subject of Science provides a very large canvas to teachers where they have liberty to make their lessons totally teacher centered or take it to other extreme and make their lessons student centered by using such teaching methodologies which has maximum students involvement thus making science lessons “relevant”, “doable” and fun to learn. The course aims to highlight different problems that students face in science lessons and then answers these problems by five student-centered teaching methods which make Science lessons more interesting and engaging with increased learning.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand what makes Science interesting.
  • Identify the areas which make science lessons uninteresting and burdensome for students
  • Understand the different teaching methodologies to teach science
  • make changes in their science lesson plans to maximize students involvement and learning.

About Instructor  Miss Samreen Naz is the founder and Chairperson of a single-handed initiative – Let’s Educate. She facilitates soft skills development sessions and Teachers’ Training workshops. Since 2017, Miss Samreen has facilitated almost 2500 people from different walks of life through her highly engaging and interactive sessions on personal and professional development. She has conducted training sessions at University of Karachi, Arts Council Karachi, Pakistan Institute of Management (PIMS) and in several renowned schools of the city. Miss Samreen has also presented as lead and guest speaker in national and international virtual conferences and webinars. Miss Samreen Naz has done MPA –HRM and B.Ed with specialization in Educational Leadership and Management along with numerous certifications in multiple professional development trainings. She has been associated with the field of education for the past 10 years as an academic coordinator, teacher and a teacher’s trainer. Her hands-on experience in the capacities of management as well as teaching enables her to design such training sessions which her participants find highly relatable and practical as she is well aware of the issues and problems faced by teachers as well as students in their educational journey. Her areas of interest include education, leadership, management, organizational behavior, psychology, communication and human behavior. She believes in life- long learning. She is an avid reader, an aspiring writer and a strong advocate of inner voice and self-growth. She is a learner by choice and a trainer by passion.

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